Grounding and Bonding in Aircraft

HIGH-CURRENT / HIGH-VOLTAGE PwrLine HV Power Feeder System for aircraft electrical power distribution systems


„ Resolves cable lug misalignment issues „ Eliminates twisted cable (rotational) problems during assembly „ Integrated / compatible power line feeder system used in combination with PowerLoad and other power distribution system connectors PWRLINE HV POWER FEEDER SYSTEM COMPONENTS

PwrLine HV power feeder system uses Band-Master ATS® termination bands

High-current power feeder contact and cable system

Mated contact pair inside self-vulcanizing Duralectric insulator

Lightweight outer composite split shell with shield banding platforms

Assembled and ready for shield band termination with Band-Master ATS® bands

Schematic illustration with line block mounting hardware…

…strut clamp mounting hardware…

… and P-clamp mounting hardware

Multiple designs of high-voltage terminal blocks with accommodation for PwrLine HV lugs and/or standard lugs

Conventional and PwrLine HV terminal lugs

Color-coded terminal lug hoods made from high-performance Duralectric material

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