Grounding and Bonding in Aircraft

High-current power feeder system and current return network for metal and composite fuselage aircraft applications

Unique power feeder system eliminates power line routing and termination issues For aircraft electrical applications that require discrete routing of 3-phase and DC power lines and ground cables, Glenair has developed the PwrLine HV. PwrLine HV replaces conventional terminal strips and terminal lugs with a solution that eliminates the issues associated with routing large gauge cables. The PwrLine HV uses a crimp contact system that can accommodate tolerancing variations that routinely occur with large cables. Routing power feeders through the 3-D spatial environment routinely creates installation and terminal lug orientation issues. PwrLine eliminates these problems with its unique rotatable pin / socket architecture and unique in-line insulation packaging. PwrLine HV is a complete power feeder and current return network system that includes contacts, cables, holding fixtures, mountable connector packages, as well as high-voltage terminal blocks and lugs for reduction of partial discharge and corona. Lightweight, high-durability Duralectric terminal blocks, hoods, and cable jackets deliver outstanding environmental and insulation performance.

PwrLine HV: a complete power feeder ecosystem with matched, compatible components

QwikConnect • July 2023


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