Grounding and Bonding in Aircraft

Current Return Network for protection against electromagnetic interference propagated in aircraft power lines

The PwrLine ™ Current Return Network revises traditional approaches to grounding systems on commercial aircraft. The Glenair Current Return Network grounding solution uses a contact system and Band-Master ATS® grounding technology to simplify routing and termination processes and guarantee a stable electrical interface. Power contacts feature a rotatable pin / socket construction to eliminate twisted cable during assembly. The Duralectric™ overmolded T fixture and AutoShrink™ boots, easily installed over the fixture’s integral boot platforms, provide a durable environmental seal. The design is scalable for lightning strikes and fault currents. The Current Return Network system employs “plug and play” connections and calibrated banding, eliminating the need for washers and torque wrenches, and waiving inspection requirements. The network’s optimized TurboFlex™ wire and 16 mil insulated copper conductor provide both outstanding environmental protection and extreme flexibility.

„ Replaces the traditional terminal lug / terminal strip solution „ Resolves cable lug misalignment issues „ Eliminates twisted cable (rotational) problems during assembly „ Integrated / compatible power line feeder system used in combination with PwrLine HV power distribution system

QwikConnect • July 2023


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