New Interconnect Technology for Modern Soldier Systems


Field and factory tested, Glenair’s range of ultraminiature connectors and cables have become the gold standard for warfighter applications. Today’s combat environment demands total reliability from every electronic component—from soldier-wearable devices to eye-in-the- sky UAV payloads. Interconnect technologies—contacts, connectors, shields, jackets, cables and more—are no exception. Our warfighters deserve highly-engineered, reliable systems that contribute to mission success without adding burdensome size and weight. Mission-critical interconnect technologies with proven defense industry pedigree and performance

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Mighty Mouse The industry standard ultraminiature push-pull soldier interconnect

SuperFly™ The ultimate nanominiature tactical connector for high-speed applications

MouseBud™ The low-profile, snap-lock, trigger-release connector for wearable soldier systems

SuperSeal™ RJ45 and USB connectors for harsh environmental applications

Mighty Mouse 824 The high-performance locking push-pull connector for tactical soldier applications

SuperJack™ The ultra harsh-environment unipole connector for audio, data, and power

HiPer 55116 Advanced-performance audio frequency JTRS radio connectors and cables

Mighty Mouse Cobra The compact EMI/RFI plug assembly for low-profile, reduced space applications

Turnkey Cable Assemblies All Glenair connector technologies are available wired, tested and ready for immediate use

Qwik Connect n January 2015

U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Adam Mancini • 9

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