New Interconnect Technology for Modern Soldier Systems

SuperFly® is ideally suited for the interconnection of wearable soldier equipment such as communications, situational awareness and other C4ISR technologies that depend on small size and high- speed performance.

SuperFly ® : the ultimate nanominiature tactical connector SERIES 88 Rear-panel mount push-pull and threaded PCB receptacles, and AlphaLink flex jumpers now available

Ready for the toughest, smallest, and highest-speed applications you’ve got


G lenair Series 88 SuperFly ® represents a perfect storm of high-performance contacts, shells, wires, termination and mating technologies. SuperFly ® is the only connector series in existence that combines the weight-saving and performance advantages of nanominiature, microminiature and AS39029 type (size #23) contacts in a precision package for battlefield communications, computing, and other high-performance applications. Available in factory-terminated cordsets, single-ended pigtails, and discrete PCB termination receptacles for complete flexibility in cable and box configurations. QDC and threaded SuperFly cordsets can ship with a variety of cabling options, including ultra- flexible GhostWire or impedance-controlled twisted pairs for high-speed applications.

#23 AS39029 Type 5 Amp Crimp Contact

#24 Micro 3 Amp TwistPin Contact

#30 Nano 1 Amp TwistPin Contact




Right Angle, Rear Panel Mount, PCB Mounting Holes

Vertical, Rear Panel Mount, PCB Mounting Holes

Right Angle, Rear Panel Mount

Vertical, Rear Panel Mount, Ground Pins

Vertical Plug, Rear Panel Mount

Right Angle, Rear Panel Mount

Vertical, Rear Panel Mount

Vertical, Rear Panel Mount

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