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Taking the Time to Salute One of my mentors told

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me a sure sign of wisdom and maturity is an individual’s ability to sincerely express thanks and gratitude. Over the last dozen years or so, especially since 9/11, a lot of “wise and mature” people have made it their habit to express their thanks to members of the armed forces that they come across at airports, restaurants, ball

games and elsewhere. I can’t think of a more correct and positive behavior. That these service men and women are heroes—in dozens of ways both big and small—doesn’t just go without saying. They are our front line in a dangerous and challenging world and their service and sacrifice not only deserves our tacit recognition and respect, it deserves our vocal and personal affirmation as well; so hats off and thank you to all the men and women of the armed forces throughout the world that work so hard and sacrifice so much to make our lives safer, richer and happier. I believe what we do at Glenair—designing, building and marketing interconnect technology—also requires dedication, commitment and sometimes even sacrifice. While the gravity of our work pales in comparison to the heavy lifting soldiers, sailors and others in uniform perform on our behalf, it still adds significant value to the world and is an integral part of what makes the defense and security of our nation possible. So doing my best to be “wise and mature” in word as well as deed, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the hard work of our own “front line:” The men and women of our sales and marketing team that live so much of their lives out on the road, knocking on doors for Glenair. I was recently chatting with one of our senior marketing road-warriors and was pleasantly shocked to hear that in the past month he had travelled to no fewer than four continents, calling on literally dozens and dozens of customers—several of them in truly out-of-the-way places with names I admit I can’t even pronounce. Talk about dedication and sacrifice! And of course he is just one of over a hundred front-line sales professionals in North America, Europe and Asia that bring equal amounts of dedication and commitment to their work. So if I don’t say it as frequently and as loudly as I need to, let me make up for it now: Thank you, thank you, thank you. And to you and everyone on the Glenair team, best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2015.

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