New Interconnect Technology for Modern Soldier Systems

Wearable soldier electronics— from power supplies to PDAs— depend on environmentally sealed connectors and cables that meet soldier requirements for durability, handling, and reduced size. The Series 80 Mighty Mouse has become the de facto worldwide interconnect standard for future soldier systems. „„ 6 coupling styles and 67 contact arrangements from 1 – 130 contacts „„ MIL-DTL-38999 caliber environmental, mechanical, and electrical performance „„ Ultraminiature #23 contacts set on .076" centers „„ Size #20, #20HD, #16, #12, #8 signal, power, fiber optic and shielded contacts „„ Discrete connectors and turnkey cable assemblies

Mighty Mouse Connectors and Cables SERIES 80 The industry standard—used on virtually every future soldier platform T he Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connector is designed for use in high-reliability, mission- critical applications—from commercial aerospace to soldier systems—that require robust environmental and EMC performance as well as reduced size and weight. The Series 80 Mighty Mouse connector offers comparable performance to MIL-DTL-38999 interconnects with up to 71% weight and 52% size savings for similar contact layouts. The industry-standard Mighty Mouse is a mature connector series with a proven range of catalog and custom configurations.

Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connectors: Available in Environmental, Filtered, and Hermetic Versions

Series 800

Series 801

Series 802

Series 803

Series 804

Series 805

Light-Duty UNF Thread

Rugged Double-Start ACME Thread

Fast-Mate Bayonet Coupling

Quick-Disconnect Push-Pull

Ratcheted Triple-Start

3500 PSI AquaMouse

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