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SERIES 860 MouseBud ™ The snap-lock, trigger-release connector for helmets, vests, and other low-profile applications

MouseBud™ Plugs

Plug Connector Construction • Shell: stainless steel • Bayonet pins, retainer ring and torsion spring: stainless steel • Coupling ring: aluminum, 2 trigger sizes • Lid: aluminum • Contacts: copper alloy, gold plated • Insert: glass-filled thermoplastic • Ground spring: gold-plated stainless steel • Gasket: fluorosilicone • Potting compound: RTV silicone

860-001P Overmolded Plug Cordset 860-002P Plug Cordset for USB+BAT (IAW US Army Personal Area Network, PAN protocol)

Plug Cordsets Overmolded cordsets with rugged tactical-grade shielded cable.

MouseBud™ Receptacles

Panel Receptacle Construction • Shell: stainless steel • Jam nut: stainless steel

860-004R Panel Receptacle with PC Tails 860-005R Panel Receptacle,Solder Cups

• Contacts: copper alloy, gold plated • Insert: glass-filled thermoplastic • O-ring: fluorosilicone • Peripheral seal: fluorosilicone • Potting compound: RTV silicone

Panel Mount Receptacles Jam nut mounting. Solder cup or printed circuit tails.


Rubber Gasket

Thermoplastic Insulator


Flex Jumper

Peripheral Seal

Plug Shell

Jam Nut


Coupling Nut

Stainless Steel Shell

Band-Master Shield Termination

Ground Spring


Spring Pin

Bayonet Pin

Thermoplastic Insulator


Overmolded Plug Cordset

Panel Receptacle

MouseBud Specifications

Voltage rating Current rating

500 VAC 5 amps

Glenair MouseBud snap-lock, trigger-release connectors feature a spring-loaded contact system for excellent resistance to damage and debris entrapment. The biased plunger is machined from solid copper alloy for improved strength, durability, and electrical performance compared to plungers drawn from sheet metal.

Contact resistance

20 milliohms maximum

Plug-to-receptacle ground resistance <5 milliohm Maximum wire size #24 AWG Insulation resistance

5000 megohms min.

Water immersion

MIL-STD-810 Method 512, one meter for one hour


2000 mating cycles

Corrosion resistance

1000 hours

Sine vibration

EIA-364-28 condition IV, 20g peak EIA-364-28 condition V letter H, 29g rms EIA-364-27 condition D, 300g peak

Random vibration


EMI shielding effectiveness

40 dB minimum to 10 GHz

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