Grounding and Bonding in Aircraft


blends of ArmorLite and nickel copper improve ground strap conductivity at the cost of some additional weight. ArmorLite CF is a special construction of highly conductive copper microfilaments with stain- less steel cladding which offers optimal corrosion resis- tance and conductivity. As stated earlier, ArmorLite is preferred for applications that require weight reduc- tion. For standard-duty ground straps in applications where weight reduction is not a critical requirement, Glenair supplies A-A-59569 soft-drawn braided material ground straps in tin-plated copper, silver- plated copper, nickel-plated copper, and stainless steel.

tion for ground straps used in different aircraft zones. As is always the case in power and grounding systems, only the customer can determine current-carrying require- ments for each ground point. Ground straps connected to power generation equipment, for example, would typically be specified to handle larger surge load requirements than a ground point design to dissi- pate electrostatic energy. These factors influence the selec- tion of single vs. multiple braid layers and lightweight versus heavy-duty braid material. Insulation jacketing is common- ly specified on ground straps in corrosive zones where expo- sure to caustic chemicals such as jet fuel or deicing liquids is anticipated. Viton is a common insulation choice. Glenair can supply Viton per MIL-DTL- 23053/13B on both standard duty as well as lightweight, low-profile ground straps. Duralectric, with its excellent UV resistance is also available as an alternative jacketing material. Glenair mission-critical ground straps are highly engineered solutions, designed to meet the exacting requirements of sea, air, and space applications. These highly-engineered solutions utilize materials and design standards optimized for supe- rior mechanical, environmental, and electrical performance. Like all Glenair product fami- lies, Series 107 ground straps are a high-availability prod- uct line, with all popular part numbers in various lengths in same-day inventory. We offer fast turnaround on quotes for catalog and custom designs, and first article inspection if required. Test data is available.

Total Vertical INTEGRATION In-house manufacturing of ground straps is another total vertical integration manufac- turing process at Glenair. For standard-duty ground straps, the process begins with the manufacture of QQ-B 595 braided strap material and the preparation of conductive lug materials. A hydraulic press is used to terminate the flattened tubular lug material to the braid. Mounting holes are drilled, and the lug is selectively plated. Glenair lightweight Armor- Lite ground straps are built around a low-profile lug that is soldered to the ground strap in a controlled and repeat- able process. The use of a discrete solder strip and the application of heat ensures a low-resistance termina- tion between strap and lug. Electrical engineers may begin the downselect process at any number of points includ- ing electrical, mechanical, and environmental. Mechanical form-factor decisions include configuration of lugs—straight or right angle—basic dimen- sional details, and attention to space constraints, particu- larly proximity to equipment and strap flexibility. Corro- sion resistance is a critical concern in ground straps, and may dictate compromises in braid and lug material selec- tion as well as plating. ASTM and other standards will often dictate exact material selec-


Weight-Saving ArmorLite™ Microfilament Solutions Plus Industry-Standard / QPL Flexible Joints and Ground Straps Braided Ground Straps and Flexible Bonds M24749 QUALFIED AND GLENAIR SIGNATURE

JULY 2023

For in-stock catalog ground straps, as well as custom solu- tions, Glenair offers aerospace customers a wide range of industry-standard, QPL, and Glenair Signature designs and materials. Catalog ground straps are supplied with crimp copper or stainless steel lugs, single and double mounting holes, a full range of qualified braid mate- rials (and off-menu choices), dimensional variations, and high surge-current configurations.

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