Grounding and Bonding in Aircraft


Ground lug styles and types include square and radiused with variable mounting hole sizes, as well as single or double right-angle lugs. Ground straps may be supplied with and without insulation materials, depending on their proximity to heat-sensitive equipment such as unshielded wire looms.

Nickel-plated copper is select- ed for excellent conductivity and best corrosion protection of the copper-plated material types.

Electrical Structure Network and Metallic Bond Network ground strap material selec- tion depends on electrical resistance, current, and EMI shielding requirements, as well as environmental and regulatory standards. The following config- urations have been fully tested and qualified. Consult factory for additional material options. Tin-plated copper

Finally, stainless steel is the most durable and corrosion- resistant material and should be selected for applications where high strength and resistance to environmental factors such as high heat, moisture, and salt are required. Stainless steel howev- er is not as conductive as any of the copper-core material types. Conductive and dissipative materials such as copper, are selected for their low resistance while dissipative materials such as steel are selected for their ability to discharge electromag- netic energy in the form of heat. The selection of the correct mix of conductive and dissipative materials for ground straps in aircraft depends on multiple factors including durability, weight and space requirements, as well as galvanic compat- ibility with other materials. Industry standards also dictate

material is commonly used in most aerospace applica- tions, and combines the excellent conduc- tivity of

ArmorLite™: Uniquely avail- able from Glenair, ArmorLite is an additional material choice for use in grounding and bond- ing. ArmorLite is a nickel- or silver-clad stainless steel micro- filament material that saves significant weight compared to standard QQ-B-575 mate- rials such as soft-drawn silver- and tin-plated copper. A 100% ArmorLite ground strap, for example, is more than 70% lighter than a conventional plated copper jumper of the same length. ArmorLite ground straps are supplied in different material blends optimized for conduc- tivity and corrosion resistance. ArmorLite at 100% is the light- est weight of the four available blends. The 75/25 and 50/50

copper with the good corro- sion resistance of tin plating.

Silver-plated copper may be selected for applications where highest conductiv- ity and excellent resistance to corrosion are required.

material selection for use in aircraft ground straps.

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