New Interconnect Technology for Modern Soldier Systems

The reduction of interconnect cable size and weight is a primary goal of future soldier system design. Carry weights may be significantly reduced through the selection of lightweight microfilament EMI/RFI cable shielding. Both ArmorLite (microfilament stainless steel) and AmberStrand (metal- clad composite) shielding are widely used in wearable soldier equipment.


Lightweight EMI/RFI Braided Shielding Lightweight stainless steel ArmorLite™ and composite AmberStrand ® microfilament braid save pounds compared to standard QQ-B-575/ A-A-59569 copper braid

„„ Ultra-lightweight EMI/ RFI braiding „„ Microfilament stainless steel: 70% lighter than NiCu A-A-59569 „„ Outstanding EMI/ RFI shielding and conductivity „„ Reduce shielding weight up to 70% and more „„ Superior flexibility and "windowing" resistance: 90 to 95% optical coverage „„ 220,000 psi (min) tensile strength

100% ArmorLite™

103 - 051 - 024

Diameter Dash Number

A single layer of ArmorLite™ Shields from 40dB to 80dB in Frequency Ranges from 30kHz to 2.5GHz. Now available in equipment ground straps

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