New Interconnect Technology for Modern Soldier Systems

General-duty power and signal interconnection has for decades been reliably performed by MIL-DTL-24682 type connectors. Glenair IPT and IPT-SE versions of this standard bayonet and push- pull connector are widely and reliably used in military battery power cables, vehicle applications, and equipment charging systems.

SERIES IPT AND IPT-SE Military Battery and Power Connectors T he Versatile MIL-C-26482 type connector is a medium-density power and signal connector used in a broad range of general-purpose and environmental applications. Typically supplied with bayonet mating and locking, special versions of the IPT are supplied without bayonets for fast push-pull mating. These “Q” series push-pull connectors are the industry standard configuration for M5590 and 2590 rechargeable lithium ion battery

„„ Solder cup wire termination with

optional crimp contacts „„ Resilient environmental inserts „„ Keyed polarization „„ Standard bayonet as well as push-pull „„ Intermateable with all industry-standard MIL-C-26482 Series I and qualified VG95328 connectors angle environmental overmolded cable assemblies „„ Wide range of standard connector accessories „„ Straight and right-

packs. Glenair supplies both discrete connectors as well as turnkey cable assemblies for battery applications, military vehicle applications, sensors, power generators, and more. Standard IPT series connectors feature resilient high-insulation synthetic neoprene inserts. IPT-SE versions utilize a hard plastic dielectric and crimp contact retention clips.

 Turnkey Glenair M2590 battery cable incorporating shrouded six-pin IPT push-pull connector with velcro strap attachment to Glenair Series 804 Mighty Mouse

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