New Interconnect Technology for Modern Soldier Systems

The incorporation of ever- larger numbers of electronic equipment sets in mounted and dismounted soldier applications requires package innovations that reduce I/O connector profiles and facilitate cable routing. Mighty Mouse Cobra is the lowest- profile right-angle I/O cable connector package available for standard Mighty Mouse series connectors.

Cobra The ultra-low profile EMI/RFI plug and backshell assembly MIGHTY MOUSE I nnovative shielded low profile right angle connector plug and backshell assemblies reduce clearance requirements without compromising ruggedness or shielding performance. Available in Series 801 double-start, Series 804 QDC push-pull, and Series 805 triple-start, Cobra assemblies provide optimal low-profile cable routing and legendary Mighty Mouse connector performance in a single package. Each Cobra assembly is equipped with a removable rear cover and gasket for easy crimp or solder contact termination of the connector. Integrated low-profile backshell is equipped with an EMI/RFI shield termination platform and a shrink boot lip. The ultra-lightweight assembly may be clocked in eight different angle orientations for additional flexibility in cable routing. Connectors are equipped with polarization keying to prevent mis-mating. Glenair Mighty Mouse Cobra mates with available square flange and jam nut receptacles from each respective connector series. Fourteen contact arrangements are available, all with Size #23 contacts from shell size 5 to shell size 21 with 3-130 contacts respectively. Connector shells are aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

„„ Space-saving design features one-piece machined and brazed connector shell and right angle backshell for minimum height and optimal EMI performance. „„ Master key clocking enables easy cable entry/ exit routing in eight angles „„ Removable rear cover and gasket provides easy access to end of connector for crimp or solder contact termination

SPECIFICATIONS • Current Rating: #23 5 Amps • Test Voltage (DWV) #23: 500 VAC Sea Level • Insulation Resistance: 5000 megohms minimum • Contact Resistance: 73 millivolt drop at 5 Amp test current • Mating Cycles Series 801 and 804: 2000; Series 805: 500

• Operating Temperature: -55° C to +150° C • Shielding Effectiveness: 50 dB min from 100MHz to 1000MHz. • Magnetic Permeability: 2.0µ • Vibration: 37g / Shock: 300g • Immersion, mated: 1meter water immersion for 1 hour

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