New Interconnect Technology for Modern Soldier Systems

Quick disconnect (push-pull) cable-to-cable and cable- to-equipment interconnects frequently require locking mechanisms to prevent accidental demating. The Series 824 is the highest performance locking push-pull connector available today for soldier applications.


I ntroducing the new Mighty Mouse Series 824 Locking Push-Pull Connector: all the familiar size, weight and performance advantages of the industry-standard Mighty Mouse 804 push-pull connector with a revolutionary low-profile locking coupling mechanism. Glenair’s primary design goal in the development of the locking 824 was to bring mil-spec caliber connector performance to locking push-pull applications. The Series 824 Locking Push- Pull provides superior sealing, excellent EMI protection, low-profile ergonomic mating and demating, and easy crimp-contact termination. The locking push-pull mechanism delivers tactile and audible mating confirmation under even the most extreme field conditions. Built for long-term durability and reduced size and weight, the high-density Series 824 Locking Push-Pull connector far surpasses commercial caliber push-pull connectors in environmental sealing and EMC performance. Locking Push-Pull Tactical Mighty Mouse connectors

„„ Fast mating, quick- release coupling mechanism „„ 31 insert arrangements „„ Integrated cable shield termination platform „„ Plug, in-line „„ Tactile and audible mating confirmation „„ Tactical black zinc- nickel plating option „„ Five alternate 3-key polarizations receptacle, and front- and rear-panel jam nut configurations

Gold plated crimp contacts for #12 to #30 AWG wire


Current Rating #23 5 AMPS, #16 13 AMPS, #12 23 AMPS Dielectric Withstanding Voltage #23 500 VAC RMS, #12 and #16 1800 VAC RMS Insulation Resistance 5000 megohms minimum Operating Temperature -65° C to +150° C Shock / Vibration 100 g / 16 g Shell-to-Shell Resistance, Nickel Plated 2 milliohms maximum Durability 2000 mating cycles Breakaway Force 50 pounds minimum

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