New Interconnect Technology for Modern Soldier Systems

SERIES 153 SuperJack ™ Connectors The ultra harsh-environment unipole connector for audio, data, and power


Canted Spring

Jam Nut

Aluminum Housing

Panel O-ring

Optional Spring-Loaded Flap For enhanced ingress protection when unmated. Rubber gasket prevents moisture and debris from entering jack.

Thermoplastic Housing

SPECIFICATIONS • Operating temperature: -55°C. to +125°C.

• Voltage rating: 500 Vac • Current rating: 3 amps

Spring Pins

• Contact resistance: 20 milliohms max. • Plug-to-jack ground resistance: <5 milliohm • Maximum wire size: #24 AWG • Insulation resistance: 200 megohms min. • Water immersion: MIL-STD-810 Method 512, 1 meter water immersion for 1 hour • Durability: 5000 mating cycles • Corrosion resistance: 500 hours • Sine vibration: EIA-364-28 condition IV, 20g peak • Random vibration: EIA-364-28 condition V letter H, 29g rms • Shock: EIA-364-27 condition D, 300g peak • EMI shielding eff ectiveness: 40 dB min.


Plug and Jack Cordsets

Right-Angle Plug Cordset

For more information contact Glenair at 818-247-6000 or visit our website at U.S. CAGE code 06324

Chassis Plug

Chassis Jack


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