Grounding and Bonding in Aircraft

EMI/RFI Shield Termination System

Quick, easy, cost-effective and highly reliable termination of braided metallic shielding or fabric braid to connectors and backshells Band-Master ATS® is the advanced termination system for interconnect cable screen grounding. The unique low profile and smooth inside diameter of the one-piece type 304 austenitic stainless steel clamping band virtually eliminates RFI/EMI/EMP leakage paths. The lock maintains constant tension under extreme environmental conditions. Band-Master ATS® bands have passed severe shock, vibration and thermal cycle testing with negligible deterioration of shell conductivity and have been approved and added to the specifications for the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers.

„ Precision hand-held tools and termination bands—both from a single supplier „ Innovative Slim Standard and Nano bands reduce weight and improve safety (no buckle cuts) „ Micro-Max tool and

bands offer optimal tensile / pull strength


Save time and tool maintenance costs with the Glenair band tool calibration system

Easy-to-use manual tools with built-in calibration counter

High-volume pneumatic tool for bench use

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