Grounding and Bonding in Aircraft


Microfilament nickel-clad expandable stainless steel conductive braid material

ArmorLite™ is an ultra-lightweight microfilament stainless steel braiding material fabricated by Glenair into various forms of sleeving, shielding, and ground straps for EMI, lightning strike, and ESD applications

Save weight and fuel every time you fly! All-Up-Weight (AUW) has met its match: ArmorLite™ microfilament stainless steel braid material saves pounds compared to standard QQ-B-575/ A-A-59569 solutions. Braided into cable shielding or ground straps, ArmorLite™ is a high-performance, high-strength, conductive stainless steel material ideally suited for use in aerospace applications. The principal benefit of ArmorLite™ is its extreme light weight compared to conventional nickel/ copper braid material. By way of comparison, 100 feet of 5/8 inch ArmorLite™ braid is more than four pounds lighter than standard 575 A-A-59569 shielding. The ArmorLite braided ground straps in this catalog demonstrate outstanding performance in both ESD and lightning strike testing. Consult factory for complete test reports.

„ Ultra-lightweight EMI/RFI braiding material for high- temperature applications -80°C to +260°C „ Microfilament stainless steel: 70% lighter than NiCu A-A-59569/QQB575 „ Outstanding electrical performance: shielding, conductivity, and grounding „ Commercial and military aerospace qualifications „ Superior flexibility and “windowing” resistance „ Strong:  70,000 psi (min.) tensile strength „ Best performing metallic braid during lightning tests (IAW ANSI/EIA-364-75-1997 Waveform 5B) QwikConnect • July 2023


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