Grounding and Bonding in Aircraft

Lightweight flexible joints (ground straps) for electrostatic discharge bonding and electrical structure network grounding

2-ply ground straps provide superior bonding and flexibility

„ Ultra-lightweight and standard-duty ground straps with highly conductive or dissipative performance „ Heavy-duty variants for electrical potential grounding from engines, starters, and power units „ Glenair signature and qualified military standard designs

Ground straps and earth bonds are critical components in all aerospace as well as many land, sea, and space applications. They are used to establish reliable electric connections, ensure safety, and prevent the buildup of electrical charges. This helps provide a common ground reference for the equipment and ensures proper functioning against electromagnetic interference. Glenair supplies a complete range of flexible bond and grounding solutions including lightweight ArmorLite braided ground straps as well as standard duty and mil- qualified designs.

Specialized lug configurations including integrated bonding hardware and angled lugs

Hybrid braid materials and customizable lug material options

Harsh temperature and chemical-resistant ground strap jacketing

Heavy-duty braid and lug configurations

Round cross-section braid

QwikConnect • July 2023


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