Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuit Assemblies


Packaging and Integration

Flex and rigid-flex circuit assemblies are ideal for space- constrained electronic packages and enclosures, or for interconnect systems that are required to flex in 3 axes during normal use. Flex and rigid-flex circuitry offers complete freedom to design boards and wiring for even the most densely-packed electronic enclosures. In mission-critical applications, the ability to reduce or even eliminate discrete wiring and FR-4 boards in favor of flex circuitry helps military defense application designers make the most efficient use of available space.

Stacked Micro-D I/O connectors with flex and rigid-flex circuitry

Hybrid rigid-flex assembly with RF coaxial cable and hermetic I/O connector

Complex multibranch military-grade Micro miniature flex assembly

Jumper assembly with Glenair SuperNine I/O panel connector and HD Stacker board-to-board interconnect

Unique-design PCBA with flex-to-install element

Glenair MT optical flex circuit assembly with shuffle circuit fiber line routing. Optimized for use with ruggedized Series 79 MT connectors.

QwikConnect • July 2022


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