Electrical Wiring Interconnect System

Cabin Interior Volume Pressurized zone with flammability, smoke, and toxicity requirements ZONE 8

Dummy Contact Sealing Plugs (DCSP) „„ For reliable sealing of unused contact cavities— without the use of electrical contacts „„ Ideally suited for Zone 8 „„ Powerful tool in EWIS weight reduction „„ Leverages connector contact clip for secure retention of the sealing plug—no FOD „„ Easy-to-install single piece design „„ Visible quality control / confirmation of cavity fill from back of connector „„ EWIS compliant test report available, ref. GT 15-106

C ommercial airplane interior volume encompasses passenger seating, electronically-controlled dimmable windows, passenger service units, galleys, lavatories, emergency lighting, in-flight entertainment, seat power, and other electrical power applications. Strict requirements must be adhered to regarding use of materials that contain halogens or other toxic elements to ensure passenger safety in the event of a fire.

Zone 8 Application Guidelines

Environmental Stress Factors

Applicable RTCA/DO-160 Requirements


DO-160 Category S and H (Table 8-1) DO-160 Category A, Test Procedure 1


Ground Survival Temperature

-65° to 95°C; DO-160 Category A3 (Table 4-1) Sea level to 10kft; DO-160 Category A3 (Table 4-1)

Pressure Differential

-55° to 85°C; DO-160 category A3 (Table 4-1) with Temperature change rate per DO-160 Category A (10°C min per minute) Exposure to humidity and condensation; DO-160 Category B

Operating Temperature


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