Electrical Wiring Interconnect System

Wing and Wheel Well An unpressurized, harsh environmental zone ZONE 5

Series 806 Mil-Aero „„ Series 806 Mil-Aero: Advanced-performance ultraminiature circular connector unpressurized aircraft zones including Zone 5 „„ One-to-one equivalent „„ Ideally suited for all performance to MIL- DTL-38999 Series III, including high-altitude immersion and DWV „„ Outstanding anti- decoupling performance, even in small shell sizes „„ Significant size and weight savings compared to MIL- DTL-38999 Series III

W ing leading and trailing edges are harsh environments for EWIS installations. EWIS wire harnesses in this zone are exposed on some aircraft models whenever the flaps or slats are extended. Other potential sources of mechanical damage include slat torque shafts and bleed air ducts. Wheel wells are also subject to severe external environmental stress factors including impact damage from rocks, ice, and mud, as well as from vibration and chemical contamination. Adequate protection of EWIS cabling in these areas includes shielding, jacketing, and in some applications, enclosure in metal-core or polymer-core conduit.

Zone 5 Application Guidelines

Environmental Stress Factors

Applicable RTCA/DO-160 Requirements


DO-160 Category S and H (Table 8-1) DO-160 Category D, Test Procedure 1 -65° to 200°C; DO-160 Category D3 Sea level to 50kft; DO-160 Category D3 -55° to 200°C; DO-160 category D3


Ground Survival Temperature

Pressure Differential Operating Temperature


Exposure to humidity and condensation; DO-160 Category B

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