Electrical Wiring Interconnect System


Versatile cable feed-thrus for pressure, vapor, and firewall applications

„„ Universal shell size with over 40 insert arrangements „„ Full wire size accommodation range up to 1" (25.4 mm) „„ Stainless steel (Z1) material and finish for firewall applications „„ Lightweight composite material and finish (XB) for pressure and vapor seal applications „„ Catalog solutions as well as fast turnaround on made-to-order configurations, typically only two to three weeks

FAA qualified pressure-boundary feed-thrus for high temperature and vapor seal applications including jet engine firewalls G lenair is the go-to design partner for innovative solutions to electrical wire interconnect system problems in airframe applications. Our backshell and connector accessory design engineers are responsible for more problem-solving innovation in our industry than every other

connector accessory supplier combined. Take our new firewall and pressure boundary feed-thru fittings, for example. Available in both one-piece and split-shell designs, these FAA-qualified cable feed-thrus provide fast, trouble-free installation and life-of-system performance. Solid and split insulators add additional flexibility in installation. All designs supplied for “D” panel cutout profiles with jam nut attachments and O-rings for reliable fitting-to -bulkhead sealing.

Qwik Connect • April 2019


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