Electrical Wiring Interconnect System

ZONE 2 FEATURED TECHNOLOGY GateLink Pro™ IP68 sealed high-speed data uplink connector


Wired datalink interconnect access to the aircraft from the airline terminal gate supports various information domains and data types including aircraft traffic control, airline information services, passenger entertainment, weather, and so on. Airline operating center applications (flight plans, schedules, advisories) are quickly and reliably uploaded to the aircraft during turnarounds at the gate. Mechanical and environmental damage to the datalink interface is a common problem solved by GateLink Pro. GATELINK PRO APPLICATIONS AND SOLUTIONS

Overmolded environmental plug. CAD drawing shows polarized shape of mating interface as well as internal sealing and retention spring.

IP68 sealed receptacle. CAD drawing shows integrated ProSeal™ protective cover and Autoshrink™ environmental sealing / strain relief boot.

Mated GateLink Pro™ plug and receptacle. CAD drawing shows shielded twisted pair cabling and overmold cross-section of available turnkey cable assembly



Voltage rating Current rating

500 VAC 5 amps

Anti-vibration and shock spring-action solution • Self-aligning environmental seals

Contact resistance Plug-to-receptacle ground resistance Maximum wire size Insulation resistance

20 milliohms maximum

<5 milliohm

#24 AWG

5000 megohms min.

Autoshrink is a high-performance elastomeric material (Glenair Duralectric™ formula polymer GPS67) cold-action shrink boot and jacket solution for commercial aerospace electrical wire interconnect systems

MIL-STD-810 Method 512, one meter for one hour

Water immersion


2000 mating cycles

Corrosion resistance

1000 hours

Sine vibration

EIA-364-28 condition IV, 20g peak EIA-364-28 condition V letter H, 29g rms EIA-364-27 condition D, 300g peak

Random vibration


EMI shielding effectiveness 40 dB minimum to 10 GHz

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