Electrical Wiring Interconnect System


T he instrument panel console and equipment rack zone of the aircraft, Zone 2, is housed within the forward section of the fuselage. Zone 2 has the most diverse range of interconnect technologies found in the aircraft, meeting a diverse set of application and performance requirements. This section includes the flight deck with its extensive set of avionic displays, control panels, communications equipment, data uplink and downlink interfaces, antennae, and so on. These equipment sets interface with the avionics and flight management computers located in the lower part of the forward fuselage in the equipment bay. The equipment bay also hosts power panels and power conversion panels located adjacent to the equipment racks. This section of the aircraft may also contain a galley, depending on airline configuration. Equipment Rack Within the forward fuselage Instrument Panel Console and

GateLink Pro™ „„ High-speed data uplink connector for gate-to- aircraft applications „„ Ideally suited for Zone 2 „„ Durable pogo pin contact system rated to tens of thousands of mating cycles available with ProSeal™ spring-action protective covers „„ Rugged overmolded plug cable (turnkey) „„ Environmentally sealed breakaway design „„ Proven commercial airframe performance „„ Sealed receptacle

Zone 2 Application Guidelines

Environmental Stress Factors

Applicable RTCA/DO-160 Requirements


DO-160 Category S and H (Table 8-1) DO-160 Category A, Test Procedure 1


Ground Survival Temperature

-65° to 95°C; DO-160 Category A3 (Table 4-1) Sea level to 10kft; DO-160 Category A3 (Table 4-1)

Pressure Differential

-55° to 85°C; DO-160 category A3 (Table 4-1) with Temperature change rate per DO-160 Category A (10 C min per minute) Exposure to humidity and condensation; DO-160 Category B

Operating Temperature


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