Electrical Wiring Interconnect System


Crimp wire termination solution saves time and labor over manual DO150 splicing

Glenair SpliceSaver™ reduces manual wire splice and terminal block operations S pliceSaver™ is an innovative interconnect technology developed by Glenair for use in aircraft wiring operations that rely on heat shrink splicing of aircraft signal, sensor, and data transmission wiring. Single-piece SpliceSaver designs allow remote harness assembly facilities to pre-terminate each line with a crimp-and-poke contact. During aircraft wire harness installation, cabling is routed to interconnection points and the contact-equipped wires are quickly and easily installed into the lightweight single-piece SpliceSaver connector. Two-piece Spiralock® SpliceSaver designs enable the harness facility to terminate wires to the small form-factor, lightweight“connector” for subsequent mating on the aircraft. A special bussed version is also available. All SpliceSaver styles feature integrated banding platforms for the termination of EMI shielding utilizing qualified banding technology—one-piece design features three platforms for termination at both ends and in the center. Compared to legacy terminal blocks and wire splice technology, SpliceSaver offers faster, cleaner, and more reliable routing and termination of discrete wiring.

„„ Lightweight construction „„ Conductive (plated) or non-conductive versions „„ Crimp contact technology: front release/rear removal „„ Three to nineteen circuits per unit „„ Environmentally sealed „„ Full-mate indicator „„ Replaces labor-intensive terminal blocks and splices


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